Planet Smoothie Supports JDRF!

blue sneaker

BLUE-VEMBER kicks off our National Diabetes Month campaign in a couple days and Planet Smoothie is ready to support the JDRF. Visit one of your Central Florida Planet Smoothie stores to donate $1 to support type 1 diabetes research by purchasing a paper sneaker.

Planet SmoothieCheck out Planet Smoothie’s menu of real fruit smoothies for a Meal Replacement option that may be slightly different from your normal fare.  Six of the Planet Smoothie 16 oz. products have fewer than 50 carb grams, including their:


  • Acai Gold
  • 2 pc. Bikini – Chocolate
  • Grape Ape
  • Big Bang – Protein
  • Chocolate Chimp – Protein or Workout Blast
  • Mr. Mongo – Protein

While other snack products may be far from ideal for those searching for healthier options, Planet Smoothie set a goal years ago to provide more nutritious products to their customers, and they continue to innovate exciting new smoothies and source healthier ingredients to fulfill that goal today.  What types of changes did they make?  In early 2010, Planet Smoothie removed the chocolate syrup used in some of their smoothies and replaced it with Hershey’s Unsweetened Cocoa, thereby reducing the number of calories in their 22 oz. chocolate smoothies from 200 to a mere 13 and lowering the amount of sugar added by that ingredient from 40g to 0g.  In a similar fashion, replacement of Turbinado by a combination of Stevia and Agave Nectar resulted in the development of their proprietary “LeanLeaf” sweetener and a reduction of 30 calories in some of their 22 oz. smoothies, while at the same time introducing a low Glycemic Index sweetener to their product line.

You may be surprised by the nutritional profiles of these refreshing smoothies, but don’t be surprised by their great taste.  Changes weren’t made if they resulted in any product not meeting Planet Smoothie’s exacting flavor standards.  Planet Smoothie is said to have “the Best Tasting Smoothie on the Planet,” after all!

Ask for Planet Smoothie’s Nutritional Facts Sheet for additional detail regarding their wide selection of products, and be sure to check with your doctor prior to making any changes to your dietary program.